I was a fitness nut when I was younger and was always in great shape.I was involved in several sports in high school. After high school I played softball and swam. Well the years went by and softball was out of the question anymore. I was a carpenter for the family construction company for forty some years. Dad, brother Jon and myself. Dad passed suddenly in 2007 and brother Jon in 2008 after a six month battle with cancer. Life can be cut short at any time even if you are fit but shorter if you're not.I went to work installing garage doors for about a year. I have an accounting degree dated before there were computers or calculators (1973). I was office manager and kept the books for a major plumbing company in my hometown for five years. I did the books, drew plans, bid jobs, met with customers, sent customers proposals and invoices in the evenings and weekends for our family construction company. I worked on the job as a carpenter from 7 a.m. to 4 or 5 P.M. most days. I am now repairing electronic and pneumatic modules for a poultry processor machine company. My products can help you stay fit and healthy. So don't wait a minute longer to start you're journey to better health and fitness. Those of you reading this that are in pretty good shape,keep doing what you're doing. Maybe you could benefit from some of my products. I have always had a passion for helping the health and fitness of people around me and would like to broaden that passion to include as many people that are interested in their health and fitness.